About Us

About Us
Joan Hubele

Our Founder

HAC was started in 2020 by Joan Hubele. Joan has over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. For the past nine years she has taken her large enterprise experience and applied it to the nonprofit sector as an accountant, financial analyst, and CFO. Joan earned an MBA, but more importantly has applied knowledge in nonprofits. She understands and has hands-on experience in nonprofit operations including compliance, licensure, human resources, facilities management, and organizational IT. Joan has been through many of the challenges facing nonprofits today; expansion, contraction, mergers, new accounting systems, program restructures, and real estate development.

As the owner of HAC, Joan has been inspired by the resilience and passion of her clients. She has seen the need for reliable, accessible, and professional accounting services in the nonprofit sector and is passionate about sharing her specialized skills and knowledge.

Our Staff

Gail Warner

Gail specializes in bookkeeping and has been honing her skills at QuickBooks online nonprofit bookkeeping for the last three years. She has worked for the last 15 years in the mortgage industry and brings the same level of attention to detail and accuracy to nonprofit accounting.

Catherine Charette

Catherine is HAC’s grants and compliance expert. As a former attorney, former Associate Compliance Director for a community health organization, and most recently a Grants and Contracts Specialist for a mid-sized nonprofit organization, Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with nonprofit grants and compliance.

Pat Blake

Pat has over 20 years of experience as an accountant and accounting manager. Throughout her career she has worked as an accountant and manager in several fields. Most recently Pat has worked as an accounting manager at an international nonprofit and understands the unique challenges of nonprofit accounting.
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